Consulting on Education&Partnership

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Consulting on Education&Partnership

MBC Academy Beauty School is expanding education for foreigners while operating short-term training program, too. Contact us with any questions with regard to an individual or a company.

※ Agreement to collection and use of personal information

For the service, Beauty Lesha Co., Ltd. of MBC Academy Beauty School is hereby authorized to collect and use your personal information as follows (with agreement required from a legal guardian for a customer who is 13 years or younger).

1. Collected and/or used items :
name, cell phone No., and email address
2.Purpose of collection and/or use :
as data for consulting and for promotion.
3. Period of data retention and use :
As soon as a specified purpose is fulfilled, data shall be destroyed immediately, while it shall be retained for a year.
4.Right to refuse to agree and disadvantage :
A customer can refuse to allow his or her personal information collected. However, in case he or she refuses to agree, a customer cannot use the service.

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