Student Scholarship

Scholarship Program

The scholarship program, which is designed to support next-generation artists who have enthusiasm and potential for careers in beauty care, provides financial aids designed to keep alive their dreams. Eligible students are annually selected from all nationwide campuses in the categories of makeup and nail art services with a focus on their academic performance and financial needs.

Supporting the Overseas Training and Participation in International Competitions by Nail Elite Students

Opened every year, Nail Elite Class is a premium program that provides the top curriculum in nail art through teaching from world-class instruction staff. MBC Academy Beauty School keeps alive the dream of becoming a world-class artist by supporting technical training in the US and participation in international competitions by selected excellent graduates of Nail Elite Class.

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Free Lecture for Youth

Career Lecture for Youth

As beauty care is gaining popularity as one of the dream careers for youth, the School keeps in place the career lecture. The lecture roots for the dream of the future beauty artists through a prep course for a beauty artist and demonstration, and by sharing various real-life episodes and prospects.

Youth Experiencing Occupational Learning

Youth Experiencing Occupational Learning is a venue for sharing various items with youths to make sure that they can have a first-hand experience of beauty care. It is a hands-on experiential program that enables youths to directly experience coloring and other various basic skills and match them with dreams through our visit to their schools or by inviting them to the School.

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Donating Talents to Local Community

Sponsoring Regional and National Events

MBC Academy Beauty School implements projects for sharing in a bid to add its mite to regional and national development. The School has been into giving by donating talents to the growth of the regional and national images by providing hairstyling and makeup as well as beauty care services for internationals at various events such as Seoul Friendship Fair 2012 and Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games Incheon 2013.

Offer Beauty Services as Voluntary Work

A happy day through giving. Community service by MBC Academy Beauty School reaches out everywhere from facilities for socially disadvantaged people to local communities including nursing homes, orphanages, military posts, and kindergartens. The School instills warmth in local community with beautiful acts of sharing including makeup for long-life photo, haircut, and mural painting.

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