Characteristics of Education

Training Professional Field-Ready Beauty Artists

Best instruction staff with rich field experience and know-how teaches students with the aim of training quality talents who can be immediately deployed to the field as professionals following the course completion through one-on-one customized class and field practice at various partners such as MBC and make-up shops.

Various Educational Programs Promoting Employment, Business Creation, and Advancement to Academic Course

Our curriculum pivots on the educational program that provides a system of theory and practice required in actual operations. Able and experienced specialists who have acquired years of hands-on training will get students prepared for tests which are required for employment, business creation, or advancement to an academic course.

Prompt Adoption of International Trends and Exchange

The School actively engages international trends through seminars inviting famous international artists and by participating in a variety of international competitions. Furthermore, as the first local adopter of airbrush makeup, the School leads the development of trend-setting educational programs.

Scholarship and Sponsorship for International Competition

Every year, MBC Academy Beauty School provides scholarships in supporting the nurturing of professional talents, and provides financial support for an excellent program graduate's participation in international competitions.

Our Record

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2014~   Exchange and Cooperation for Another Leap and Dreams


2011~2013   Adopting and Expanding International Trends


2008~2010   Expanding Educational Program Inviting International Artists


2005~2007   Expanding International Cooperation and Exchange


2002~2004   Launching the Academy and Establishing the Campus


Major Awards Received

  • 한국교육산업대상

    Korea Education Industry Prize

  • 우수프랜차이즈

    Excellent Franchise

  • 2012~14 청소년우호기업

    Youth Friendly Corporation

  • 2007 경영혁신 중소기업

    Managerial Innovation

  • 대한민국 신성장동력 미래선도기업

    New Growth Engine Business

  • 2005 대한민국 고객만족대상

    Korea Customer Satisfaction Prize

Brand Identification


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